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Where To Find New Kitchen Decor

MORE tabletop has arrived!! We’re especially fond of our new cake stands & glass domes.

They look beautiful alongside the rest of our decor. Talk about a modern farmhouse vibe. Our design firm, Js Interiors is installing similar pieces on-site at the ‘Plymouth Beach House Project’. Everything you see in the store (furniture, decor, accessories) was sourced among our travels shopping for clients. We have a knack for mixing high and low priced items.. which you’d only know from looking at the price tag. Design doesn’t have to be expensive and we want our customers to get the biggest bang for their buck. Compliment your space (affordably) by styling a whimsical Cachepot Candle. It also makes the perfect display for florals upon burning the 2 lbs. of soy. Add a lined potted plant or insert a glass or plastic liner to fill with water for loose cut flowers.

Our premium quality candles are sold in re-useable decorative metal containers, featuring New England Preppy designs! The candles are hand-poured with a full two pounds of wax for outstanding burn times. They come packaged in a clear cello bag, tied with a satin bow - making it the perfect, ready-to-go-gift!

Container measures approximately 5.5" tall, 5.5" wide at the top, and 3.5" wide at the base.

Before I get into our new tabletop collection I must add that the tea towels and cook books pictured make classic New England housewarming gifts.

We offer complimentary gift wrap with every purchase & our black gift boxes are heat stamped with the Deirfiur Home gold emblem✨ (yes, it’s gold).

When I first laid eyes on the stunning array of glass cake domes I was not quite sure what to think. The delicate glass juxtaposed with the metal which makes for a statement worthy kitchen accessory. A glass cloche is a must-have product in any kitchen and an easy way to add exquisite beauty to your countertop. But that’s not all, because when the glass dome is placed on top of a reclaimed wood board, something amazing happens.

In addition, we brought in a 40” elongated reclaimed wood serving tray for an ideal table centerpiece.

Used for decoration or as a wood serving board for plated food, the live edge provides the perfect amount of surface space. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, this adaptable board’s white coloring is sure to make a contemporary statement in any space.

These glass domes and wood serving pieces all come together to create a contemporary look & make the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

Our Principal Designer, Justene Spitz, has spent an unimaginable amount of time creating a curated collection of home furnishings so that design process is easier for you. 💁🏻‍♀️

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