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The Meaning of Deirfiúr

I opened the door to my store less than a year ago, but have always loved and have cherished South Boston. The neighborhood was a little different growing up, but none-the-less still shares the same core values as back in the day. Southie is an urban neighborhood with a strong sense of history and tradition. Our coastal locale has always been an area filled with a sense of community.

When deciding on a name for the South Boston store I wanted to incorporate my roots as much as possible. I've spent my entire life on Gold Street in Southie and wouldn't have it any other way. 'Deirfiúr' (pronounced dee-fur) is Gaelic for 'sister' which ties into the special bond I have with my three sisters whom are also my best friends.

Deirfiúr is also the sister company to my design firm, JS Interiors. After running my firm for 10+ years I saw that the neighborhood lacked a home goods store which led me to open in this very location. Each item is hand selected by our team of designers at JS Interiors. We are the destination for those looking to complete a

room or find a unique gift.

I put my take on a Celtic knot when designing the logo which is based off of my Irish heritage.

Shown strongly throughout, our urban, coastal, and streamlined concept appeals to the masses. Our products are always changing to keep up with the newest trends. Deirfiúr offers luxury merchandise at an affordable price point. 

Since St. Patrick's Day is around the corner I wanted to pay homage to our beautiful city with this blog post and spread my love for our community and how grateful I am to be a small-business owner here!

735 East Broadway Boston, MA 02127 

p: 617-752-4182 | f: 617-752-4831


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