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The Art of Looking For Art

A wise man once said wall art is something that should speak to you.. Who that person was, I don't exactly know.. Art is focused, concentrated, intentional. It is not until you can interpret and successfully assign meaning or relation for which you should purchase the piece. Our design team recommends the following four step process when searching for a meaningful piece.

  1. Look

  2. Describe

  3. Think

  4. Connect

View art installations curated by interior design firm JS Interiors below. Click each image to shop artwork selected by the Boston design team.

1.) LOOK

- Pay close attention to the details, ask yourself "What do I notice?" Make a mental note of everything that you see within the piece. After 30 seconds, turn around and try to remember the observed details.

- The artist will have made deliberate decisions about the materials, style, and approach. These decisions may be a simple, literal depiction. You may connect with photography, rather than a landscape painting, or even an abstract work of art. Looking at all options will expand your knowledge of art in the process.


- Talk about what you see. Be sure to explore line, shape, color, composition, material, and subject matter.


- What story is taking place? When was this depicted? What is the mood?


- It may relate to what you experience in life, or other works of art you've seen. The work should have great significance, and be a clear extension of who you are as a person.

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